Fabricated Ducting

Cornell has provided fabricated ducting for a variety of special projects around the world. Each part is custom engineered to meet the customer's project specifications.

Every project had different material requirements. Ducting sections can also be produced in stainless steel and aluminum.

Turbine Intake Duct

Turbine Intake Duct

The large Elbow weldment, show above, was part of the intake system for a hydro generator turbine.

It was made up from special shaped steel segments.
Finished dimensions were 10' x 10' x 16'

These special steel duct sections were used for the intake and exhaust sides of a gas turbine that is used to pressurize a natural gas pumping station. Ducting components can also be produced in stainless steel and aluminum.

Fabricated Steel Ducting on the way to the Job Site
Cornell Ducting is used on large projects in Canada, USA and Overseas

Ducting ready for shipping
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