Steel Forms for Precast Mfg

In 1968, we started to manufacture steel forms and molds for the precast concrete industry. We supply forms to many customers across Canada and the United States. Cornell engineers have designed a wide variety of molds which are used in the production of precast concrete highway barriers, septic tanks, catch basins, holding tanks, steps, and a variety of related concrete products. We are working closely with our customers in the development of forms used for the production of pre-stressed Lintels and Thermal-Krete wall panels for residential and commercial building projects.

Another 30 foot (9144 mm) long dual cavity Highway Barrier Form gets shipped to the customer

30 foot (9144 mm) Highway Barrier Form – Dual Cavity Model
(for new X-connection barriers)

Highway Barrier Form - standard design
(Dual Cavity Model)

Dual Cavity Barrier Form - standard design
(for new Type M barriers)

Dual Cavity Barrier Form
(for Tall Wall Barriers)

Adjustable Vibrating Table

Sea Wall Form

Transformer Foundation Form
(combination model)

Transformer Form - open
(produces 2 sizes)

Two Riser Step Form

Two Riser Step Form - opened

Well Tile Form

Septic Tank Form

Wall Forms

53 ft x 10 ft Wall Form

Five Gang Lintel Bed Form - 132 ft. long
(for pre-stressed lintel production )

Precast Lintels ready for shipment

Combination Tank Form Package
For round water treatment tanks

Combination Tank Form Package
Produces 500, 750 & 1000 gallon tanks

Extra Large 10,000 gal. Combination Tank Form
- for producing 10,000 gallon or 5,000 gallon Holding Tanks or Septic Tanks

Finished Form - end view

Finished Form - side view

Three Compartment Inner Core

Stripping the mold from the precast tank

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