We use the best tools in the business to ensure that we can manufacture exactly what you need. Our most prized equipment includes a 6000 W fibre laser cutter, a double-headed high-def plasma cutter, a large array of CNC forming and punching stations, various MIG, TIG and conventional welders, and a sophisticated fleet of transportation options.


For a more extensive list of all of our available equipment, please download our brochure.

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Laser Cutting


Alpha & LVD/Strippit Laser Cutter

Our two laser cutters allow us to optimize our material usage while producing unusual shapes demanding close dimensional tolerances.


Shear & Iron Workers


SMT Pullmax Hydraulic Plate Shear

Our shearing machine allows us to cut sheet metal to size out of roll stock or flat stock up to 0.5” thick and 10’ long.


CNC Punching


Piranha Ironworkers

Our ironworkers can shear, notch, and punch holes in mild steel flat bars 0.75” thick and 10” long, and mild steel bars with a diameter of up to 1.5”.


Aluminum & Steel Welding


Welders (Assorted)

Our stick welders, M.I.G welders, T.I.G welders, spot welders, and stud welders form the basis of our steel, stainless, and aluminum welding capacities.


Hi-Def Plasma Cutting


Machitech Platinum Cut Hy-Def Plasma Cutter



The Platinum Cut is an ideal table for processing large sheets of metal. Our plasma cutter offers exceptional accuracy and cut quality, and is capable of cutting through 1.5” aluminum and mild steel.


Saw Cutting


Hyd-Mecha S20A Automatic Band Saw





Our scissor-style band saw can be manually or automatically operated to cut chanels, angles, solids and tubing.


CNC Forming


LVO/Strippit - Pullmax - Cincinnati

Our array of CNC hydraulic and manual mechanical press brakes allow us to bend, form and shape sheet and plate material quickly and accurately.


For a more extensive list of all of our available equipment, please download our sales brochure.

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